Think of the sky~

If none remains…
Think of the sky.
Think of her hues.
Colouring away your blues.
Melt in the warmth of a sunset 
Embrace the night that lurks
Think of the sky.
She hugs you tight
Think of the sky
Lift your face, buck up! 

Think of the sky
Think of me. 

The horizon that separates us
Is but a line… Joined by the sky
You’ll find me.


Night light🌌 

Stared at galaxies. 

Roamed around the stars. 

Found the Milky Way and set out far. 

Light and Years apart 

That’s what we are. 

I stared at a light bulb, 

And found the stars. 

Warped imagination to find you… 

A figment in the stars. 


“Golden mend”…

Found a piece of art,

The old man said, “Broken things reveal a tragic beauty.”

So is man and his heart;

We are all broken moulds,

Chipped and cracked;

And staring at a broken mould,

I see art.

The chipped and broken parts are filled with gold

So the man told.

A long riddled story of the Japanese folk.

And I listened in my own ‘broken-mould’.

Can I be fixed with gold?

Made pretty as I broke;

This thing I hold seems whole

Glowing in broken pieces as the gold seeps,

Will it leap?


Repair the cracks that bleed

Fix and beat

A new life into me…

Kintsukuroi art (Pinterest)


Fingers itch to type. Filtered-realities to upload. In a world cramming for likes, we fight to hide. Reclaiming a small domain of privacy, while hoping people still see. Public relations turn to private settings;

Socializing comes with ‘app settings’


Conceptual Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi (Pinterest)



Out there, a passionate rendezvous between the sun waking up the night in a fiery kiss that flamed the sky.

Roller coaster

The air feels nice tonight.

Summer days quiet down with the lights;

Homes lit with families,

Some dim-lit wondering what’s a family?

Roller-coasters  are my train of thought.

I have no roads just circles;

It is cold out;

Summer chills my senses

Wake up or sleep?

Hide under the sheets

Pray someone loves you deep

Warm that heart up

Roller coaster ride ;

Everything works in circles

Just as light brings the night.





These veins that glowed 

Flow with light. 

Touched celestial fire 

In nature’s delight. 

Darkness shines a light 

My life etched in night 

A bulb of existence 

Life and light ;

Danced with darkness 

And kissed the light.