Hello 2014…

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you guys and may your 2014 be a fresh new start that lets admit we all are looking for. Anyway, since it is my new blog and unlike the old one which am sure non had even read or seen I am basically creating this new one out of sheer hopefulness that maybe in my endeavors to be a writer I manage to first entertain you guys that “ever” do read my blog.

New year, new start! Somehow, I have adapted this  saying and well with fear and maybe embarrassment am going to blog whatever seems appropriate and hopefully this year I manage to find the ability to not have a panic attack once I’ve written down something and well out there for all to read.

Anyway, I hope u guys like what you read, see and feel free to follow and leave comments… for the only way one can perfect one’s craft is through criticism and readership (so I’ve heard).

Again, thanx you guys! have a good one this year…<3 N.

p.s. In my attempts at making a little change for maybe selfish reasons why don’t you do the same and make 2014 your year to give yourself a break and do something for you. In the end, you can bring a change only if you change first!



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