‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life….



So I came across this quote while I was aimlessly browsing the net for some pictures. The quote kind of spoke to me. I don’t know about you, and to you maybe this is just another one of those “inspirational” mumbo-jumbo that people sprout out in order to say “Hey you with the sad frown its all right.” Or something like that. Well to me its one of those happy coincidences where one is actually glad to take in some of this positive talk. I’m not much for preaching let alone practice, sometimes one gets too lazy in one’s sad existence be it frustration or anger in the end we are too lazy to do anything to change. Hence, when your alone during a gloomy cold winter afternoon and you stumble upon such quotes it kinda hits you and you notice. I’m not saying life is going to be all rainbows and butterflies and tears will turn into laughter but what I’m trying to share with you guys is that its ok to not be ok sometimes. For like the quote says,” it doesn’t need to be perfect to be wonderful”. We all are messes. Human beings are placed on Earth to screw up and make all the wrong decisions only to repent and regret. Most of us frown some well laugh. Some are bitter pills to swallow while others are sweet as candy. Life is an endless cycle of good and bad. And we humans are programmed round it. 

So, as a fellow screw up I say to you (yes you) who probably feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulder- don’t beat yourself up. Drop the load if its too heavy. Cry if you want to. Scream, throw things, and maybe even scorn but don’t blame and shift your problems to somebody else. For trust me one day, you will stare at that mirror and realize the one staring back is your biggest enemy. Life cannot be all to cheery how else will you know to enjoy it more if you do not go through the ugly side of it. Its how you build it that matters.So, cut yourself some slack. We all have been hated, mocked, bullied and envied. In whatever category you feel placed in know one simple truth- ” You make YOU and no one else”. So smile. Cry. Learn to cope and adapt. Life isn’t perfect. Its a salad bowl. So enjoy it. For if you fail to enjoy the good and the bad you fail life itself and that my friend is an atrocity to the gift of life itself.

So, dear reader thank you for reading and in return I hope you see this as not some inspirational crap but well a fellow struggler swaying to the bittersweet symphony that is-life.

❤ N


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