TODAY I AM THANKFUL! I am thankful that I managed to wake up out of bed this Sunday morning to feel the warmth of the sun. I am thankful that I have my father by my side having a cup of morning tea as he reads the morning papers. I am thankful for the pets that give me enough of a workout by running around after them…I could list many more mundane trivial things that I am thankful for but that’s me stretching it too much and I wouldn’t want to bore you reading it. The reason I wrote this entry based on  this concept of being “Thankful” is because I feel that we as people have lost the ability to be thankful for the little things and are too concerned with the bigger details. We complain and worry over every single detail- our bodies, our clothes, our houses, our cars, our food, our jobs, our families, our friends, our relationships, school, college…the list is endless till how you hate your chipped nail. We don’t take the time to “breathe” and say I am grateful that I woke up. I am alive. We are so caught up in the darker details of our lives that we fail to see the light. Human beings are on this continuous cycle of always complaining. Dumping our problems is more of a regular habit than “actually” dumping the garbage. We would rather comment on the drawbacks than see the positives. Our social environment is no better. In a democratic world where power seems but the ultimate prize, as a country, we fail to be thankful that we are actually “Free” yet the fetters of greed and power ties us like a slave. 

Its a Sunday morning, no one wants to wake up feeling like the world will suck them dry. So take the time to relax. Enjoy the day for what it is. Even God took time to not work and worry on this day. Rest. You may not be able to turn off your over-thinking mind but you can put it on pause for awhile. No matter how miserable you think your life maybe realize one definite truth YOU are ALIVE to live another day to change the OUTCOME. Be thankful for that. Life isn’t definite. What you feel today may change tomorrow. So take the opportunity to be Thankful. To say “up yours” negativity and hello beautiful morning. The world swallows you up when you allow it. For all I see today is a sunny morning and my neighbourhood kids ready for their Sunday school. I am thankful for the miseries, drawbacks and colossal mistakes that have enveloped my life for if not for them I won’t be here writing this. Spin it! That’s what I do. You know that saying when life gives you lemons you make lemonade well believe in it. All you got to do is see the light in the “darker details” ….. I am thankful for many things above all I am thankful for you (yes you) even if its one person reading this…



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