Hello everyone,

Well it’s a Tuesday afternoon, restless as always here I am, laptop on my lap, green tea on the side and a snoring 9 year old cat next to me contemplating what do I blog to you guys about . Well in my restlessness I have realized that the very root to my restlessness is the fact that I am a graduate student and basically jobless. Its funny how when one is in University one complains about the next novel or poem one has to read and do a paper on, well now, all that would seem quite enticing especially to a geek and a busy body that is me. So graduating University I have realized well firstly, the world is indeed one big pool where one doesn’t really know where to dive from. Your standing at the tip of the board contemplating “hmm, that seems like a better spot to dive into”. The ironic part is I am actually using a diving analogy and a pool when I am terrified of water. Anyway, steering away from what it is that I wanted to talk to you guys about. So, secondly, mornings, afternoons and night time all seem the same. You either fall into this complacent state of laziness of mundane existence that all seems like one long day. Thirdly, in my spare time I must admit I have managed to rediscover my love for the TV and yes videos on Youtube that  as a literature student had once loss all time for, ah! yes, and a catch up on all the seasons of many shows.

Anyway, lets come back as to why I am writing this blog. As you may have noticed the title of this blog is revolving around the theme of decision making so here is what I have to say to any of you reading this especially those who are in the same group as me of the recent university graduates with no job in sight well dear fellow restless people do not fret. Do not settle for menial when your skill set is above such pay scale. Devote your time to surveying more opportunities and maybe schmooze a little with the right kind of people to give you a better outlook on how things go. If you are limited and bound to home state as am I, do not worry . Try making a list of prominent, semi-prominent and maybe avenues where your skill set and expertise may function well. The internet and media are the best forums for discovering possible jobs and keep all your eyes and ears open. Sensory perception works.

So, do not rush and settle. Yes, times are tough. Pressure to succeed and make the bucks is an important driving force but for sanity sake don’t comply and settle. Life is short. You won’t be young forever (yada yada)….we all know these speeches. Don’t do things which have no long time hold and at the same time you end up miserable. Realize that in decision-making you are just not affecting your life but others as well. So breathe, relax. Sip some tea and start making a list. Planning is key. Patience a virtue. Frustrating yourself will just make you dive off the board instead of testing the waters first. So reader, if you are going through the very same panic attacks and stress that I am going through don’t feel alone. We  are all in the same boat.

So do what you love and want to do. Even if you have to start at the bottom. Don’t settle and regret. For life is short ,yet, is long enough for you to make the right mistakes. GOOD LUCK! and Godspeed! May all our quests have a pot of  gold (literally) at the end of the journey. 😀

❤ N

P.S. Don’t take this as inspirational mumbo-jumbo but more of a fellow struggler sharing some of her thoughts that some of you may or may not agree. In the end I wish you well. xo


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