“I do not have OCD OCD OCD.” (hmmmm… :D)

To the person/persons reading this, well, “Hello!” from the title itself you will come to realize that yes I am confessing to you that I have a tad bit of an OCD problem..I say “TAD” I doubt my family and friends see it that way. 

 The reason I have taken up OCD as a topic is because I have realized its one of those problems that starts of slow, barely noticeable and yet, overtime creeps into your whole lifestyle and as you grow older everything begins to pose as a problem and a compulsive need to correct the problem starts. Those of you who may not have it probably find it amusing or annoying; well, take it from me its not amusing at all. For example, I can’t go to public restrooms because what you see as perfectly clean even in a fancy cafe or restaurant I see it as a pool of oozy infested germ colony. I can never be satisfied seeing a book out of its shelf where it is perfectly aligned the way I kept it and it aggravates me even more seeing someone take it from its place and keeping it away from the spot  and many more examples I could cite for you guys trust me but the whole point of me writing this is that this so called “compulsive need” is not voluntary. I would be happy not cringing or feeling like the walls are going to cave in whenever something is “out of place”. The need to clean and re-arrange things every single day. The need to follow a pattern everyday . I would kill to feel “normal”. I know I am sounding a bit too dramatic but I cannot help it. Being this compulsive person has its drawbacks its only now in the past few years that I have managed to turn a blind eye and calm my self in situations. 

So you who is reading this, if maybe you have similar problems or know someone with a “Monica” complex well don’t feel down I am right here dusting away every spec of fear and shame with you. You are not alone or a freak. You may like to count faster or slower or sing and hum in situations. You may do laundry and vacuum even the vacuum cleaner. You may have a label maker for your label maker. In the end, trust me, those are the quirks that make you. You maybe a Monica or a Sheldon Cooper in the end you are you. Embrace it. If you need help there are places for it. In this world, mixed bags of people exist. So what I want to say is we all have a “compulsive” need for something doesn’t mean you are different and if you feel you are different well then like the saying goes there is unity in diversity. Love yourself. Help yourself. The rest will follow. 

❤ N 



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