Social Decorum: A mirror of social indiscretion

To those who ask the question why on earth do people peep into others windows instead of watching their own blinds? Fellow questioner you are not alone. It’s weird to write this but I have realize that the human soul can only bear so much but somehow it does slip up and frustration creeps in and you wake up with question of utter despair. Maybe ‘despair’ isn’t quite the right word to use- disgust, that’s the word. Through out time it has been observed that the normal adolescent goes through this phase of utter chaos- you know when things seem to always not go your way. Trust me I go through that same shit as anyone of you who think to agree with me. Recently, I have discovered that behind this facade of being happy n sociable I really don’t care much for social discourse. I find triviality in the idea of making small talk. Yet somehow the earth spins and takes this 360 degree turn and flips you into a chaotic mess of being around uneasy situations. I’ve been told that there is only so much that one can talk about just to carry on with social decorum but come on- whoever thought social decorum was a healthy way of interaction clearly didn’t get the memo that it was more about vicious gossip and unhealthy tattle. 

Social decorum has now taken the shape of door to door snoop stories. People masquerade as happy co-settlers only to find a glitch in the other to rag about. So fine folks, the start of this para I began with the question of why things happen to those who really don’t want anything happening- I post the question because I have realize that civilized culture drags one into a room of unhealthy chatter that one really doesn’t one to be locked in… honestly, if social decorum meant tales of an unsettling nature I would rather skip it and settle for solitude. In silence one finds peace knowing that one is not near such ugliness. Facades are what surrounds us and it is what social decorum has turn into. 

So readers beware of one thing- get yourself out of sticky situations even if it is something that you find no escape root from. I know its hard but do not let petty crap about this and that and him and her ruin your day. Honestly, people would live more happily if they actually cared less about the person next to them…maybe next time you won’t have to ask yourself why the hell that I get myself into such crappy situations. Remember social decorum is a maze of social purgatory!!!Image


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