saluting sadness……….

saluting sadness..........

I got this pic from the web when I had to do a paper on India’s Independence Day and the pic stuck like a thorn that kept pricking me into realizing this was reality. Decades of Independence and still my country is in shambles. Irony breeds on the streets of India like the flies that breed in the slums. We are segregated into the haves and the have-not’s. The world calls us “under-developed” we say “developing” in the end what is there is but a mirage. Decades have passed with new technology, new governance, new economy yet, in the end still facts of horror surround our country’s image.

In the end I’m not being didactic in saying anything all I wish to convey is what this picture conveys…..a picture echoes more sound than words ever could. Do you hear it or do you drown it out? In the end we are the citizens of change be it good or bad depends on our actions.


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