“Some day I’ll fly away, fly away from yesterday”. Like a song that stays in your head these lines kept on playing over and over today. They stuck around for a long time and I wondered why was I thinking about flying so much or was it that song from Moulin Rouge that kept on playing. Doesn’t matter why or how, it just popped in my head. I was reading a poem by T.E.Hulme and the poem just reminded me of how life is and sometimes what we perceive it to be. In the poem there’s this mention of a balloon that one mistook for the moon and all in my head these lines of flying away like a balloon let loose from string and just fly up into the sky – no destination just away. 

All of us go through it; This delusion of leaving all our problems behind and just well escape. Others just a way to see and discover better things. I don’t particularly have a reason but the idea of flying be it like a balloon or paper plane just the idea that life could just for a second be kept on pause and one could stretch out one’s arms and just fly . Soar high like a bird, seeking new lands discovering new hopes and dreams. Keats in his “Ode to a Nightingale” talked of flying to where the bird was and how in its song one could live like an immortal. I seek not immortality but like Keats I yearn for that beauty, for that peace, far away from palsy and fever and fret just a mortal flying in the whims of life. To never look back and just fly.


“Someday” , that’s the hope, that’s the dream. I will not be deluded by a literal flapping my arms and flying away but I do hope in the midst of all this chaos and frustration , in the hours of regret and self doubt there is solace in the hope that someday one flies away. So dear reader if you are like me a dreamer and you strive for something better then do not be afraid to find your “someday”. For like Toni Morrison wrote, “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Be weightless. Be free. Fly away and find what you seek.

❤ N 


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