Image  It had occurred to me today that I am now nothing more but a slave to my phone. Like an addict trying to quit I went through every withdrawal symptom like the world to me was closing in. Sitting in the corner of my room, reading a book, my eyes stared to a switched off phone and began to twitch. Hands began to have this itch to touch and type and above all the need to read or browse or “blog”(clears throat) was eating inside of me like I was trying to get my daily fix. 

Scary is the thought that I have now become this person plagued and infected by the disease called social media. Decades ago Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter were non existent. Now without “liking” or “posting” something my days feel empty. Is this how sad and grim reality has become? The very fact that I am now hooked is scary enough but that I cannot even ween myself away from it becomes a dilemma. Not only has our lives become more of enhanced as technology progresses but somehow we are also now slaves to a new form of slavery – the INTERNET.

Thus, I conclude this blog with the realization that as the global economy now feeds on technological advancement so also we human beings have now reached a new era where life is ruled and governed by a wireless despot. In the end are we free? Can we be free and if so, how do you detox yourself from something that feeds so well into our wants and needs? 

A social conundrum indeed.

❤ N


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