Dear reader, 

I’m pretty sure that like me you too may have pets of your own or maybe just like animals in general. This past week has been nothing more but a long week of pain and panic. My 9 year old cat ,Tar who is more then just a pet but more of family member  was brutally beaten by neighbours whose identities are still withheld from me by my father knowing fully well that I just might hit them the very same way. Fearing for their lives I guess my father decided to not disclose their names. Anyway, apart from my father’s clear understanding of how passionate I am about animals I have come to a very sad conclusion that human beings are just intolerant violent creatures that clearly think more from force than compassion. My week has been staring at my cat lying in a box in his helpless state unable to walk or eat . The poor guy couldn’t even pee right. As hate and anger grew in me for such thoughtless people who are no way near being called people more of animals themselves I realized that in this day and age where people are intolerant to their fellow man, a poor animal is just but a bystander defenseless and mute.

 So as a pet owner to you reading this I say this on behalf of the animals that clearly are not going to say “Please”  or “thank you” or “I’m sorry”, dear human please wake up and each day maybe have a little dose of compassion in your morning tea or coffee. Animals have as much right to be on this planet as you do. They weren’t created with the many logical deductive features as we humans are. Thus, you with the superior intelligence maybe could use it more.

I get it. Some don’t particularly like animals and some maybe are just indifferent. In the end who knows maybe I just might die mauled by an animal as ironic as that death maybe but what I am trying to plead to you is that the next time you see some cat or dog prancing around your compound or house or even the street think twice before you decide to kick or hit it. That very same animal could be you some day alone, starving or maybe just trying to survive. Like the saying goes it is “The survival of the fittest” and when it comes to survival no poor animal is going to knock on your door and say may I please get a bowl of food. 






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