ImageTo the person/persons reading this blog, firstly, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking your time and energy to even consider giving this a read. Secondly, if you are reading this out of pure curiosity as to why I would put out a confessional blog online for complete strangers to read well Thank you I appreciate your need to snoop. 😀  

Anyway, today April 21st, has been one of those long dull sunny days where your body seems to have no mobility and your mind is but a gooey mulch of dullness. And in case you had a brilliant awesome day well kudos to you I envy you a bit. The reason I’m blogging today is basically because I was just going through one vlog after another on Youtube and I realized if these people can somehow expose themselves (not literally well majority at least) about their day to day lives and their perspectives on life via the web why not I. In their pursuit of entertaining me through their day to day entries some of which may I add are hilarious while others just fun and entertaining, I somehow realized that I did start this blog for the purpose of me sharing more with you guys. Lets be honest I know I ain’t that good a writer and some of the stuff here are pretty mundane but isn’t that what reality is. In our mundane existence we learn to discover ourselves. Some take up dancing or piano I however, stick to what I am comfortable at- writing. 

Writing to me is therapy. To those of you that find other stuff as a way of coping with your day to day lives I,however, seek refuge in words. I am pretty talkative don’t get me wrong and years of report cards in school will corroborate that fact.:) But even I go through life having these long monologues in my head and I wonder “hmm, maybe I should pen them down.” Hence, began my first journal entry I was 6 my mum had this attitude of “write what you feel”  When she got really sick I somehow realized what those words meant. I lost her at a time when your just reaching those awkward teenage years where your concerned with just about everything be it books, boys, body, clothes you name it. And everyday since her funeral I stacked up on entries after entries which I dare not read now maybe someday when I feel I’ll pen a memoir or something. I am a writer at heart and its but a dream to ever accomplish publishing anything. 


So, what I am trying to get at through all my ramblings here is that “writing what I felt” saved me. Writing saved me. I don’t know how to explain it and maybe if you know what I’m talking about you’ll realized what it is that I’m trying to say. No one can help you but you yourself. In the end there isn’t some wise old man telling you fables and proverbs as to how to be a better person, life in general is like a tale of morals and defeat. You either find a way to cope or you drown. In a generation where frustrations seem to over power our lives I feel that if you have one thing be it the simplest of things that makes you happy or provides you peace “hang on” to it. It’ll be that saving grace one just has to be patient. I know they say patience is a virtue trust me its a pain yet, in a twist of fate it does pay off. 


Dear reader, in the end know that you ain’t alone in your struggles. We are all sinking and swimming together. But you are your own life raft nobody else. HAVE FAITH! Doesn’t have to be divine or anything just have faith in you. Cheers!

❤ N 


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