In Parting .




There you are standing near the bars

Leaning forth as you gazed the shore

Hello there! Remember me?

You looked and stared like I wasn’t even there.


Come now, what is wrong?

Where did your smile go?

Did I miss something? Did I lose a step?

Why is it you look at me with such fret;


Remember the time, I leaned by your side

Those very same bars and that very same shore;

Look at me as I talk to you!

You, who now sends chills 

Like daggers to my heart.


Funny creatures we are. You and I.

Hollow faces now roaming the streets.

The very same faces that melt to sweets

Now are faces with unfamiliarity.

You stare and move

And I walk away. Far away from yesterday.


Ah! You my one time familiar

I shall leave you behind.

I will pass you by the streets

Even by that shore

But for now you are a strange familiar

I no longer want to know.

I wish one day as u see me,

And I pass you,

As a hint of familiarity rushes through you

Look and be amazed

That I am she 

The one that walked away.


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