I am she.




Like the wind you surround me.

Like the stars you shine my nights.

You are the ground that stables me.

You are the air that helps me.


Long ago your embrace was just any other day

Now I long for it every single day.

I found each moment just any other moment

Now I yearn to remember each and every one of them;

We laughed.We yelled. We cried. We sang so off key.

Now I play music in my head hearing u sing;

The keys and tunes are just but excuses to lead me back to you.


This isn’t a sappy Mother’s Day poem

Just a daughter’s way of remembering her muse.

Today is just any other day

For my mother is my infinity, my air

She glistens in my everyday gloom.

And we talk for ages as we always do!


I am she and she is me

And forever we will be

Just you and me

My mother and me.


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