Hello Tomorrow!

 Dear reader,

Firstly, as always I welcome you with gratitude to reading this post. I know its been quite some time since I last blogged about anything reasons being the proverbial task of finding a job; Turns out after countless interviews and stomach problems I landed myself my first job. It isn’t much and I am sure in time I could find better but for now with the glee and excitement that is in me I just wanted to share it with you. Its firstly, is a teaching job so nothing fancy like being an assistant to the assistant in some big shot magazine mainly because I am geographically bound in a state that is yet to offer me anything in my line of preference. Although, I am not disappointed with the teaching either after subbing for awhile last year I actually did have the patience to deal with students. Students, even saying the word seems a bit ironic considering not long ago I was one. Yet, somehow the word leaves a different memory now , a whole new meaning altogether. 


Trust me the idea that I am now on the other side facing “them” feels like target practice but I have this feeling that somehow in the grand scheme of things maybe life is one giant target practice. Its all a matter of where and how you land the bull’s eye. 


Thus, keeping this short like how the month of May went for me, I hope you who is reading this, who is probably stuck and frustrated with not landing that dream job well fret not my friend for you have to realize that firstly, the so called “dream job” becomes more of a future goal for in the present you got to build up a road to lead to it, which means one has to make “due” yet, do it because you can and want to not for the sake of it for like you the others will suffer.

Therefore, breathe, smile and soak in the reality around you, who knows your day could be tomorrow or the tomorrow after that. Don’t lose heart.

❤ N 




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