Anxiously Hired.

Cold sweats dripping,

Mouth cringing,

Shoulders arching,

Legs shaking,

Stomach grumbling,

Eyes blinking,

Nose sniffling,

Ears wandering,

These are the feelings

Sitting in a room

Waiting impatiently, for my call

When all that was there was but four walls.


Slowly standing, walking walking,

There was the door

And all that was unfamiliar

Felt like it was before.


They sat in their suits

Looked at you as if you were in the zoo

Head to toe judging,

Their eyes began wandering

How this female of some twenty odd years 

Contested to join their peers?

Of men and women of learning

And now for all knowing 

There in that seat she sits there talking

Telling them every reason

How she was fit to every condition

To sit among them as a peer

To join them in their struggle

To build the crumbled;

But in the end to be rewarded

With the joy that one has succeeded

In having made it. 

For it was stated

That she was but fitted

To educate and liberate

Like chalk to a slate

This was her fate,

To teach and educate.




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