Stuck on Forward…..

Dear reader,

It has been quite some time since I last posted anything I guess I did fall behind on my resolution to keep on posting and updating the blog. My deepest apologies not only to you for I am that disappointed at myself also. I would love to play the blame game on work or unforeseen circumstances sadly the fault lies nothing more than me being uninspired.

People go on looking for that little spark or touch by a muse to feel that creative energy revitalize well mine either died down or my muse took a mini vacation 🙂 whatever may be the case I feel that me being “stuck” did not hamper me moving “forward”. So lets play catch up. Firstly, July has somehow come to its final week and I’m like where did the time fly. Only to realize that time moved at its constant rate of seconds, hours and minutes while the days changed with it. The only things that flew by were my plans, my lists, and people that came and went. They say that time changes like the tide I would love to use this analogy or many more time related ones but sadly the only thing washed with the tide is my brain capacity to remember and keep track. Busy would not be the word I attribute to this new found forgetfulness of mine more of over worked and over stressed. Being an adult should come with a manual. And if you my dear reader managed to sail through it gracefully know that I envy your presence and am a little skeptical at your progress…(I’m thinking artificial intelligence). 

Anyway, my lack of hilarity aside the reason why I am writing this post today is mainly to just write about two things: Firstly, to prove my sluggish writing skills wrong and actually do keep up with my blogging 🙂 and Secondly, to share with you just a few little things that I have been noticing with each passing day. Since clearly task one has been accomplished by the very fact I am typing lets come down to task two. The things that I have been noticing lately are just random yet they do not really seem so. Shillong has turned into a humidified climate setting it far away from how this hilly state use to be. Sweat and humidity seem to be the new cool and breezy minus the rains. Oh! How I miss the rains. Next thing, Kids and adolescents nowadays have somehow fallen off that progress ladder of education into the pit of laziness, disrespect and just plain old buffoonery. Their lack of attention for education and want of easy living has made me look back and wallow at how yes like the old people say it “the times have changed”… I either am getting sync in with my jaded old self or am just a jaded twenty something amazed at how teens function these days. Another thing the country in general never seems to get anywhere, day by day if one thing looks like a step up BAM! comes the downward spiral. India seems to swing like a yo-yo be it economy, politics, social or even its secular values. Each state goes through these ripple effects of just flat out disappointments and we as citizens look on eyes attached to the media and its news, we complain, we make remarks in the end back to square one nothing. Progress lies in the tide . Call me cynical or maybe you find my observations pointless and maybe based on just mediocre observations however, in the end, in a country that allows so much freedom lately all it has to show is a condemnation of this and that and whats even worst its partook by each and everyone of us also. Hence, coming to my last little thing -TOLERANCE.

Tolerance now seems like a gem that one has to search for. People have become so intolerant over every little thing that sad to say I have been one my self too. Bitten by this bug that now seems to infect every human perspective condemning every action to an act of this or an act of that. Even the most logical and so called open minded people have caught it and those that were its host have now reached new acceleration in its spread. In the end what I as a human would love to achieve other then keeping track with my blogging is tolerance. Too much has happened too much has been destroyed that it is high time we all learn to cultivate a little bit of tolerance, for why move forward when you are stuck . 


Thank you for reading.

Love ❤ N staticember_tumblr_com


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