Deluding self-pity for self-worth…

“The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone.” Mitch Albom



Today’s blog is nothing more but an attempt at realizing one cardinal truth about us humans especially those scorned or bitter that life is nothing more but an open forum to complain, degrade, wallow and be contemptible while actually thinking one is moving forward. I am not one to talk. I have had my share of self pity but reality brought me to this point in my life where its just sad. Instead of reminiscing and pining and dying inside of such emotions that frankly are beyond anyone’s control one has to come to a halt and press pause on all this negativity and just be grateful.


I am not a devout Christian or a self help guru fanatic but in my moments of utter self evaluation I came to this realization that life does happen for a reason. Things happen for a reason -Good or Bad. Hence, the Verve song always plays in my head that life is indeed a bittersweet symphony. So just because your music has now turned into wallow and grim remembrance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the music. 


So dear reader, in your times of utter self despair know one thing analyzing every minute of your life is not going to help. Who did this or that or why is life just cruel….is not the step to take. Instead if you are having a “shitty” day know that there is a lever to flush it away. Just smile or cry do what you have to but don’t wallow on stuff that were just part of the cycle that is your life.


Love N ❤

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