Love in a cup …..

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”- ― Cassandra Clare


The quote above justifies everything sane in my world (Okay I know what an exaggeration) But it cannot be helped. How my mornings actually feel alive and put some steam into my engine. And yes I shall stop using this analogy trust me it sounded as weird as I was typing it. 😀 Anyway, the blog post for today is mainly for my love, lust and complete yearning for the only one guy or girl that has never let me down and that is coffee. I am sure my father, tons of medical experts and tea lovers would say otherwise but my apologies nothing has helped this insomniac more than Coffee…. Ah! How lovely it would be if I had an espresso machine (sigh) Anyway day dreaming aside I simply am writing down this blog to just share my love for this bean. 

I am sure that you too dear reader have other loves even if its a human that gets you all pumped up in the morning. Whatever, it maybe know that these little things that make you smile in just one little sip after a long night or a tiring day or just to kick start your day. All I can say is love it as it will love you, and sure moderation is key and excess always leads to bad results but setting these aside remember one fact -YOU CONTROL IT AND NOT IT YOU. (except in a world where coffee beans mutated and are now our masters in that case save yourself) 😀 


Have a beautiful morning and day ahead.

Love N ❤




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