Quietly he lives, quietly he dies, Amidst the wilderness;

Jar-jar hapoh ki dieng ha khlaw,
U san hapdeng ki ñiut;
U syntiew pher, u tiew-dohmaw,-
Laiphew-na-ar jingmut.

Jar-Jar harud ki wah ba tngen,
Ban iwbih ynda stai;
U tiew tyrkhang ba ai jingkmen,
U jyrngam khadar bnai.

Iathuh, premmiet ba ieit ki blei,
Bad phi ki lyoh bun rong;
Iathuh ia nga u don haei
U khlur ba paw nyngkong.

Jar-Jar u im, jar-jar u jah,
Hapoh rai-eh rai-dam;
Jar-Jar ha jingtep ai un thiah,-
Hapoh u phlang jyrngam. (P 12)
(“U Phlang Jyrngam,” Ka Duitara Ksiar )
Below is the English version:

(Quietly in the wood,
It grows among the weeds;
An uncommon blossom, u tiew dohmaw, *
A thing of lofty thoughts.

Quietly by shadowy streams,
To be a fragrance when faded,
The joy-giving fern
Remains green for twelve moons.

Tell me twilight, beloved of the gods,
And you the motley clouds;
Tell me where is that star
That first speckles the sky.

Quietly he lives, quietly he dies,
Amidst the wilderness;
Quietly in the grave let him rest,
Beneath the green, green grass.

*A wild flower, symbol of great wisdom.
(“The Green Grass”)



Dear reader, so in my attempt to sleep last night and failing badly I decided to take out my old Khasi literature text from school in reading it I found my senses amused more than bored. As I kept reading I discovered my love for Soso Tham, the poet. How in a few decades I found my appreciation for his work now more rewarding then a mere chore of passing exams. Mind you, I am no expert in Khasi being a child of mixed blood genetics I found myself lost. Yet, his words spoke beyond just the khasi language itself instead I felt the emotions he tried to convey.

The sad reality is that its very hard to find translations of his work trust me I Googled and I came across the poem above in a blog I had followed. And I just wanted  to share  it with all of you. 


I hope the words speak to you as they did to me. 


Love N ❤



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