Two days after Christmas…..(what did you feel?)

Dear reader,

Officially two days since Christmas and honestly the days do not seem any different. Apart from the usual tea and cake sessions Christmas has now become one of those events that lack luster. At least in our state of Meghalaya this year. The streets are crowded yet the roads are dull and lifeless. The bakeries are making sales so also are the wine stores. In merry making all that is the so called “spirit” of Christmas has lost its appeal. What is Christmas? I get that its a time of joy, merry, (remembering) that there are family members to wish and greet and enemies for one day become friends. Oh! What a miracle. Or is it just a delirious day where people find the excuse to get all fancy and go to church to repent. I wonder, could this be Christmas?

Well maybe we all have different ways. Some shake and dance and kiss under the mistletoe while others go to church and sing ‘O,Holy night’ .. But if this is the season for love, peace and joy then I suggest time to stop hating, killing and power grabbing (oops! the world would end then)

Which brings me again to the question that I am sure thousands have asked What is Christmas? Is it the usual preaching we hear every 25th of December or is it an everyday celebration that we should keep 365 days of the year. The question lies in you and me and the countless days that we live. Why do we always have to just keep “one” day and live up to it just cause a calender says so why can’t we celebrate that joyous  day and maybe continue to live in its significance throughout the days that follow.

Maybe tea and cakes are not doable but one can spread the cheer, the sweetness and the inner light we have instead of stringing the artificial ones in our trees…

Just a thought dear reader. The year is ending, so like me who like you is trying to better oneself I suggest lets just make a new change, a new 2015, and have the “spirit” of Xmas in us always. For if Jesus was born to save us we also were created to live lives to save each other and be better.


Love N ❤



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