It started with daisies,

Smell of lilies

Drowned in orchids

Now in dying flower beds.

Red poinsettias gather

Cherry blossoms came around

Then the wind got colder

Sky got darker

Afternoons were in blue

While clouds smiled down on you.

Time has pass

The year has come to an end at last

Where did the time go?

Was it a dream so?

People came and they tread the path my way

Some stayed while others went away;

Made friends, made foes

Found love, found pain

Dazed in depression

Lingered in haze

Trapped in frustration

Found a station

Travel I didn’t, yet I found places

Life was surprising

Reality shocking

Bit my tongue as I heard them say

Filthy and clean words so to say;

Where did it go?

Was I daydreaming as life came.

Many would feel what I feel

Cut into pieces

Put back again

The year was a lesson

Or just another mistake made;

Where did it go?

“I know, I know,” she shouted

In the chaos of time,

In the unexpected wonder,

As a happy discoverer

She found things,

Had to lose some

Gained wisdom

Yet still a little dumb;

In the chilly last day

She sat and wrote her say

That this was the day

She shall find her way

Back to the place

Where she found time waiting

Calling her name

It said, “Darling another year awaits.”

Come and stay!



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