Constitutionally free, “Bandh” bound!

This is the year

This is the mark

This will be the day

Our state will get out of the dark;

Is this the year?

Is this the time?

Is everything set?

Or is this just another upset?

All around I see the cheer

Freedom celebrated and adhered

But here we are another year

Passing in lazy stupor

Another day marked untouched

Non of us care

Non of us bear

Just used to this word

“Bandh is it?”, Oh! well then guess I will sit;

Lazily in my chair

No flag to cheer

Why waste the time?

Lets lock up our shops

Lets stay inside;

Another “Holiday” comes our way

Not our Republic Day!

To those that dare

To those that step out to cheer

To those that no longer care

In you is where our hope lies

Examples to lead

Hope for the multitude

That shut their eyes.

To the years and decades gone by

Seems another day,passes me by

Yet, I see a change

Hope it stays

Wishing us all

A happy Republic Day!



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