Februalia 🌿

Beautiful February
The shortest month
Yet the month of love
Where days seem long
Yet the days are short.
Winter hasn’t quite left
Chilly January hangs in essence
But February is here
Drawing us in to a warmer future
The days and weeks will pass
And the chill will not last
For as lovers draw in the month of love
while the sun smiles from above.

Februalia, the month set for sacrifices
May winter be our offering
May the heat and warmth of the sun
Rid this place of the frost.
May all our sins find atonement
May the month bring in amusement.
For all that was winter now be gone
And sweet warm weather adorn.

Begone chilly winter!
Februalia come,
Sing us the song of love
And warm our hearths and hearts
Hail Februalia! You are what we long.
Wash us of our slump
Wake us from our slumber
Take these gifts we offer
Februalia, free us from this winter.




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