Scene III: Freaky Friday.

Morning came,

Day has begun

Life went on;

Just another weekend

Just another Friday

Thats what it seemed

Till the date was seen.

Their mouths clenched

There was a sigh

They began to worry

For things always got freaky

“Thirteenth it is , thirteenth!”

There’s a terror in the number

For many a year ,

Many a week

Non would speak

Of such a day

That one would say,” Its Freaky Friday”.

Friday, the thirteenth.

Murderous gloom

Shades of grey

There’s an echo of terror

A bad moon about to play.

All on one freaky friday.

Things rose up,

Graves began to shake

There must be an ominous air

An unexpected dare

One couldn’t really say.

All that was strange came to play

On a freaky Friday!

Poe had ravens,

Buffy was Craven’s

Jason rose

Freddy had Elm street

Even Lohan gave us a treat;

But like a Halloween scene

Came Friday,

And all that happened on such a Thirteenth day

People simply put ‘Freaky Friday!’



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