Where can I find thee?

Here it goes, breathe,
Let go!
Tried to let it be
Never does it remain so;
Stack and fold
That’s where my beliefs go.

How can it be so?
The answers I’ll never know.
Another foolish day of a fool
Trying to find answers to fix its mood.
Memory serves me right
This is an unending fight.

I never know
Will I know?
What the believers try to tell me so.
That little girl don’t you know
He delivered you so
Freed you from your sins
Now let Him in!

Let who in?
Stranger?  Friend? 
Angel?  Lord? 
Who be so?
For this one to get to know.
“I know”,says she so
“I can’t open what I did not shut. 
I can’t invite one who already resides
Deep in my unknowing heart,  I have a known soul
What’s His name, if i dare say so
Is Father, Lord, who lives in me so”.

Never can I look for thee
Never can I seek
I cannot search for what is already found
In my Father’s kingdom
I already abound
By His side, by his grace
He helped me find this eternal Place.




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