Scene IV: The Confessional 💬

“There, there! Little one, 
The boogeyman won’t come;
There’s just you and me
And why should you be scared of me?
Aren’t I your friend
Aren’t I your caretaker
Why would I hurt you?
Calm down!Breathe.
Here grab a seat
Sit next to me.
Let me pat your back
You can relax
Don’t fret. 
Talk to me little one
What confessions lies inside you
Open up and let the light through.”

“Oh Father!  Forgive me
I know not ,
How I am to begin?
Confessing my sins
For they seem not my own
Just a body bearing scars
Their sins are all over me
Child of consequence
Nurtured in bane
They spill their secrets
I am the sponge
Is it my turn?
I fear not…
Their dirty hands are all over me
Their voices haunt me
I forget what I’ve lost
I remember what I gained
A new body, a new name
Trapped in burden
A heavy shame.
Now, Father,  tell me
What am I but a name! ”

“Hush child!  All will be okay.
One day you will know the name
The name that is far greater than yours
And you will bear no shame
For the woes you carry
And the scars you bear
Will lead you to a journey
And you will be reborn
And redemption shall be your name”.



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