Scene V: Olivia(II)

My need
My yearn
My want
My hunger
Now you are
An unending quest;

Cruel mistress you are
Cruel temptress
You play my hand so well
You lead me astray
And there, you leave
In this pit I lay.

Olivia!  Why Olivia?
Have I been such a bad child?
Did I not please you?
Did your god-father miss you?
That here you go
Leaving me so.

Cruel mother,  cruel daughter
Harsh wife,  silly sister
Now I am here
You, my lost wanderer.
Forgive me,  Come back! 
Can’t you hear me
Hear me beg
Roll in my filth
Covered in my mess
Come back,  turn back
Don’t go,  leave your Father
Stay mother
Don’t you see,  look,
I am broken so.

Olivia,  mother,  wife,  sister,  friend!
Beauty never ends.
Kindness never faded
Love never hated.
Desperately seeking
Desperately losing
Here I lie
Child broken
Trapped in you
Lost in you
Tired of being you.

Olivia,  yours is a role
So i am told
I somehow have to fold
For its an act
I must lack
For being you
Makes me a fool.
Forever looking
To find the muse.



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