Careful Caroline!

An adventure they say,” is an unusual and exciting or daring experience.” So was not how Caroline’s parents saw it. Adventure meant bruises, being hurt or better yet ‘lost’. What horror circled such a word. Stay within the “secure” lines. Dare not go beyond them, “Do you understand Caroline?” “Yes, mama. Yes.” How sad she felt trapped in her white picket fenced house surrounded by care and guidance. “Is it wrong to feel suffocated by care? Is it a sin to see your home a dungeon? ” Questions spun round her everyday. Like a web of unending threats to her ‘perfect so-called, sheltered life’. Careful Caroline, don’t expand yourself to the realms of what’s out there. You might get bruised. Never, never, careful child is happiness found in the “wild” ?

Her life flashed about her, childhood spent round family tea parties, trips to the county, always in well planned occasions. Her teenage years were just as mundane.The plain and bland yet, it was according to plan. A well- cushioned life (Nothing wrong with that, she thought). Some have it worst. One day, in the most pleasant of places- her sanctuary, the Library she discovered a book. A book she read many years ago as a child and to her surprise it spoke to her now “differently”  than it did then. She sighed,”Alice!” And there it was “Curiouser and curiouser!” Staring at her and she at it. That thought of escape, of an “adventure” spun around her now like a ‘web of possibilities”.

Carefully she lifted the book, read each page, hung to every word and in an instant the drab and the dull was substituted by possibilities and imagination. “How sweet it would be? How grand it would be to see? What is there that life has to offer for me.” “Jump Caroline! Into that rabbit hole, Jump!” Her face lit up as if years of complacency had made her dim. She went home and staring at the dull pastel blue wallpaper of her room she made a “plan”. The world is out there. Its an adventure. It could be just a few miles away or just down the stairs. All she knew was that life was an endless quest. The adventure is in discovering what or who or where is that goal. The Careful person she was programmed by what she was told now felt “alive” at Twenty Three she felt finally “free”.

Free to jump into the unknown. Free to seek. Life may bruise or we may even be lost but in the end that’s the beauty of life. Its messy, its complicated. Full of disappointments full of worry . Frustrations walk hand in hand yet, it pays off. In the end how will one ever know if one simply was “careful”. JUMP!

Caroline jumped. She didn’t know what was out there. But her first step to getting “somewhere” was when she decided “she controlled her fate- her adventure”.

Take that jump. Let Go. Adventure is out there.

Love N



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