A day taken to remember her.

A day taken to celebrate her.

Oh! How they adore her

Oh! How they cherish her


Yesterday, she fell.

Yesterday, she was mocked.

Yesterday battered and bruised

All that was hurled was abuse.

Yet, today, How they change their tune!

Tomorrow promised a life.

Tomorrow she will strive.

Tomorrow she flew.

Yesterday a fool

Today she rules.

Ah! They celebrate today

Women’s Day.

Female kind admired

Female life adored

At least that is what they wrote.

Then tell me please,

“Why not yesterday? When someone smashed her face,

robbed her of her grace,

burn her to ablaze

set her life in a cage?”

Made of same flesh and bone

She bleeds red, so I’m told.

She can stand, eat, speak

So kind sir why do you abuse thee?

Women to women lets be kind

Women to men lets be kinder

Men to women respect her

Man to woman love her.

Then we can say its “safe for her”.


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