Here it goes.  You listening? Pay attention. I have a story for you.  A brief little dream,  a reverie,  what else could it be.  There was you, all of you magnificent and glorious;  beautiful light you are.  And there I was small,  scrawny and petrified.  Never saw such light.  You walked so slowly,  a gait so strange like you floated as if the wind blew you to me.  Oh!  How magnificent you are. Beautiful you.  This couldn’t be true.  Was it really just me and you?  There we were young lovers on a summer day caught in whispers and night came to welcome another day.

Could it be?  Is it true?  Life could never be so kind to just leave me and you. Summer flew by like lines on your face as you smiled.  That smile that lit my world, that smile…  Now like the wind that carried you now there’s a gush of worry, fear looms on the unsteady. Our path so dreary and you now seem to me like a whole that is half.  The half of you and the half of me.  And life showed me the gory bits of you and the gory bits of me. 

Beautiful boy, beautiful girl, where did it all go? Did love float like a summer’s day or did the parts of us brought love’s winter’s day.  But in the details, in the madness of youth, in the twist of time,  the love that was once sublime, now is but a summer day passed of you and I. 

Oh!  How we yearn for that summer day. 


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