Scene VI: Him & Her

The smell of peppermint to cloak the stench of smoke.  The lavender scent that envelopes the room.  There’s whiskey and wine, while all the players align.  There’s music playing, jazz is in the air.  The music moves like a smooth blend of scotch while the fluttering of flapper dresses makes it a party.  In all this madness two players emerged-he could care less while she panicked more.  The music lingers, smoke and scent combine and in all this the stars aligned. 

Smooth talkers,  sexy sirens,  trouble lurks like danger was their drink.  Serve well with sex and lust, man and woman come to dust.  But there in the chaos of passion two poles found a horizon.  “Easy there mister,what you think you doing? ” she exclaimed.  “Players may have come to play,  but I’m a classy Dame”. That made him smirk and that made her blush,  all seemed a play but this was a repartee they both had a play.  “If only you knew,  that in all this blues,  rhythm takes me in for you beauty is intoxicating. Be I a player or just a stranger… Don’t you see darling I want to know,  how lavender seems to make me fall”.

Scene clears like smoke lifted.  There they were – him and her.  Sometimes its all in the sway.  What draws us in can be but fate’s play. Or like a scene from a book or that of a dreamer; sometimes there is no story to how lovers become lovers.  Just happens. 
It happened! She comes closer,  he leans in,  they share their drink while the music plays. Poles pulled in by what who knows? Lust and love will play their game.  But in the scheme of things,  he saw her,  she saw him,  like a scene,  from across the room.  He’ll connect her dots and she him.She  will try to understand the puzzle that is man…  and both shall see where they stand… When he walks to her and she takes his hand. 


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