Mouse trap.

Click, click, double click, click
Refresh, reload, reboot, restored.
Click, click,  double click
Buttons on a keyboard
Pixels on a screen
That’s how they see you and me.

Resize,  refresh,  Photoshop,
Message drop!
Click, click,  double click.
That’s how we seem to live
“mouse” trapped.

Gone are the days
Where words were face to face.
Now pixels come to life
HD rules our life.
Filters on a screen
That’s how we seem
And in an age
A “touch” is all the rage.

Click,  tap,  click,  zap
In a blink we all sink
Down the internet abyss
For now life is this
Where in a room
We discover
Forgetting what is nature
All “mouse” trapped
Never knowing
How far,  how far
Do we sink? 

Click, click, tap, tap
All of us caught in a trap
Sealed our fates
In a whole new way
Parts of a pixelated screen
Caught in a web dream!



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