Ever stared at a flower? I am sure many of you have. Most of us find ourselves surprisingly caught in its snare, looking at it, admiring it, some cut it. Yet, in that very snip, there’s no cry or ache , it lies there in our hands, still beautiful. Separated from its whole, it still remains there preciously alluring and delicate. As spring has arrived, I see the roses bloom. Leaves begin to sprout all over the once dry barren grounds. I found myself staring at this rose flower that just had bloomed. Nothing majestic about it. Ordinary, delicate, barely there for anyone to see it. Yet, I saw it. It amazed me for some reason even found myself lurking near it. Just staring at it. I wondered, how is it that this tiny ordinary flower could have such a hold on me? Not like I am a fan of roses to begin with; Yet, here I was, and there it was- bloody red and small.

I am sure it’ll wither and after a few days be forgotten. But for today, in this brief moment its a sight and memory I choose to keep. What do I take it from it? Probably nothing, or maybe “something”. Its the little things we least notice that leave the biggest mark. They imprint into your mind as if they are the the very thing that makes your day. For some it can be anything or anyone. For today, just today, this little rose is my day to feel happy. Seeing it made me realized this flower will not stand the test of time. It will not even last the week. It shall go through sun and rain , and it’ll die. Yet, another spring shall come and this very same rose will bloom again.

I shall bloom again. You will bloom again.We will bloom again. The life we are given is the soil that nurtures us and helps us bloom. Just depends how we rise. We will get snipped. Tested. In the end we still survive.

Bloom well dear reader

Love N ❤



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