Nelly Nobody.

The Nobody’s had a good home.
The Nobody’s had it all.
They cared,  they laughed,
They loved,  they fought,
They sang,  they cried,
Now,  all has died.

Silence creeps,
Like an unexpected rain
It leaves a downpour
Of just bad days.
There in the corner,
Staring at others
Nelly Nobody wants another.

Another life,  another day,
Another time,  another play,
Another role,  another fate,
Just done being daughter Nobody
Now she needs a new name.

Seasons change,  like people
She sits always thinking
How Lucy is always smiling
Jimmy is never crying,
Kate is always perfect
And Adam is first in everything. 
Children of Somebody’s,
They have it easy,  so it seems.
Nelly Nobody,  wants to dream!

Close eyes shut,
Speak nothing,
Pray they say
Wish for something
Nobody doesn’t know Somebody
Nobody can never wish Something
Nobody is lonesome
Nobody wants Everything!

Nelly wants Anything…



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