What am I?

What are you?

Two beings, no truth.

We walk around paths,

Dancing on words,

Play happy, play sad,

Hold my hand, stomp my heart;

What are we?

Nothing bordering on everything

Empty spaces full of mass

Yet, here we are weightless.

Sticks and stones

Break my bones;

Words- Oh! words,

Kill me!

On this ground we walk,

We float,

Darling, I want to fly.

Tired of playing round  and round

Where is our ground?

I fear people not

I fear what they are.

I fear not love.

I fear I can’t.

I fear not happiness

I fear I don’t know it.

I fear not knowledge

I fear I am beneath it.

What do you fear?

Me, you, they?

What makes you shake?

What makes it there?

They say be brave,

I say, “Show me,how?”

They say fight,

Arm me.

I am no one,

I am someone.

I am what you make of me

I am what you say.

I am nothing

I am something

I am me.

Tell me then,

“Why do you fear me?”


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