“Hello Miss!”

“Hello Mister!”

“Hello miss who is now a mister”

“Hello mister who is now a miss”

Changing roles.

Revolving doors.

Scenes the same,

Different name.

She screams, he beats.

She slaps, he reacts.

All are but acts.

Protest, arrest, violate, negotiate.

Everything is the same.

Sexes are that

Biology states fact.

Here we fight socially,

Yet void morally.


Lets give them a miss…

See HIM see HER

United and whole.

Be whatever their role

Don’t you see?

In all this mess

They forget the rest

That nursing in all this chaos

Divided breeds our progeny

Forever trapped, never to really SEE

This EARTH, has space

for SHE and HE!

For what is equality

When respect is far from reach!



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