SCENE VII: Sleepless.

There’s a room. It smells of lavender or was it jasmine she wondered? Looked so strange yet familiar. Something yet nothing filled it. The windows half opened yet so wide; Curtains fluttering as the wind blew. Outside seemed so cold as the doors swung opened, or was it the room? This room, nothing registered in her. Steps got heavy yet she floated. Like someone carried her and she just went along. Hazy eyed wanderer she was trying to understand what had she discovered. This room, what is it about you? Pictures on the wall so unclear. Faces seemed so blurred it worried her. She found a mirror behind the sheets, peered closer and it shocked her- faceless girl where are you? Terror loomed in her. Distress was making her uneasy. This room is so unholy but here she is fully- clothed in amazement, hair so black, eyes wide open, lips shut tight. Scream! No one can hear her. Little girl where are you?

Door opens, she finds a hand. Leads her in and shows her. Close your eyes or you won’t see the wonders installed for you in this dream. Shut them tight, to the escape the night. Breathe deeply or you’ll fret. Take caution not to wake, for little girl sleep is far from wake.

The room now glows. She shuts her eyes. The light blinds her so she needs the night. Do not wake for the hours will take, sleepless girl, don’t lie awake. This room is your haven you just need to sleep, for distorted things will begin to speak. The night needs you to sleep or sleepless one you will not see. What waits for you in your dreams.



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