Mother Earth.

Here is where we reside.

Here is where we rest.

Here is home.

Here is our up and go.

Here is where you glow!

Mother, father, sister, brother,

Friend, lover, foe or destroyer,

Here is where they all live

Yet, this place lies silent still.

Being bullied being loved

Nothing makes this place quiver.

It still revolves and rotates

Never letting anything stand its way.

Here we are puny beings

With developed things

Elevated minds yet, still far behind

Never realizing there is a higher learning.

“She” knows, and never boasts

Her feats are beyond words

Yet, she humbles herself and moves forward.

Her name is Earth.

Small little planet, beautiful all the same.

She glistens and shines

And makes everything in her view divine.

Creation never had a better spectacle

To make us in awe.

But now she mourns and weeps;

She is mother, she is father,

She is the ultimate caretaker.

Dear humans that deplete her

Don’t forsake your life saver.

In the end no machine can ever create

Seeing a seed, rise- makes you appreciate.

There is so much to say, so much to save

Move forward, Behave!

Don’t send your lifesaver to its grave.



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