Deactivating To ACTIVATE!

Dear reader,

On this very gloomy, stormy surprisingly peaceful Sunday, I have come to realized that the best way to unwind and just get back to what’s around me(reality) is just to switch OFF. Hold on, this blog isn’t some gloomy depressing one, its more of just setting aside the time to just get back to the basics- Where life was about face-to-face conversations, the news was read out in folds of newspapers or telly or the radio (remember that device). Where my favorite picture was found in a photograph developed in a studio not in my phone screen. I get it most of you reading this would find this a little hypocritical considering I have a Blog, and secondly am an active participant in social media.

Yes yes, I admit to all this. I am a social media/tech addict [hashtag hashtag] 😀 But dear reader, trust me my attempt to write this blog is purely out of two reasons:

1. Phone died on me.

2. I had a mini meltdown. (Ok not so mini)

After I got hold of my senses and having to switch back to my old slider phone I just realized non was lost. The basic reasons we need phones or why they were invented was to “connect” people be it text or call. Maybe the Age has changed where letters are obsolete and maybe everything is made easy through applications. So taking a cue from the so called made easy world of “applications” I am applying myself to these basic things:

1. TALK more instead of texting my emotions. Coffee is always a good way to bond over.

2. I would rather click photos of people, food, heck the dog instead of being a selfie drone. Just saying how long can one stare at a face when beauty is in how people see us too.

3. I would write more. READ more. Learn to enjoy flipping pages again and the smell of ink instead of touch and type. But Disclaimer Kindle OR any app that helps writers and readers I am still up for those.

4. Not be so self obsessed about things. Intrusive of pics, statuses,dps….. Learn to just mind one’s business and move on.

5. Try to have better conversations with actual humans around me instead of staring at a phone screen and dying for a chat.

6. Find attention again.

Trust me, I am setting these as my goals. But am blogging them to share how I feel. How do you guys feel? Are we really so connected or just that much dis-connected from what’s around us? Everything made easy, fast and efficient has somehow taken us away from the slow, mundane, yet, facts of our own environment. A butterfly captured in a picture is a memory stored forever, its beauty spread, shared, BUT, the sight of it as one captures it no one can document that. Time fleets. So as this blog as I begin a new one. But that feeling of liberation, that I am trying to reconnect again with what matters is the best self applied selfish documentation I have ever attempted in my adult existence.

So those of you reading this. Take the time maybe an hour , a day, a week, a month… and just deactivate all those that bind you to a screen and just be ACTIVE with life again. It’ll help you see a whole new reality maybe to pixelate, blog or even pout. Time to turn OFF to turn ON Life.




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