The twine rolled

Leaving traces on the floor

Like a line, it fled

She followed where it led;

It kept rolling,

Never stopping

Where is that end?

Why can’t she stop it?

Nell knew it slipped

Rolling off her hands like a ball

Yet, it would leave such a path

She was stumbling in the dark.

Down it went, rolling

Step by step,

It left curves, and lines

Yet, never intertwined.

Odd it seemed,

It would not stop in the seams.

Coming undone, it just rolled

Nell felt a toll.

Running in the dark,

Down and down she rolled with it

Never reaching to its end.

Leading her to unknown ends.

Finally, as she kept rolling it back

She felt this sense of lost

In the pursuit of her twine

She seemed to have left behind

The needle that she needed

As she mended

For now all that lies

At the end of the twine

Is a long walk up

To the needle that was left behind.

Left behind, cold and alone

The needle lies waiting

To feel the hands of its mistress

And the twine to roll along

As she intertwines and mends;

Now left alone and apart

She moves up to restart

To reunite the needle and the thread

For neither can function, apart.



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