Ever tried telling a story? Or write about poetic things? Ever wondered why we smile? Or how? Ever stared at the night sky? Or just see the dark? Ever did you wonder? Or did you just rolled?

Its not easy, so they tell me. Climbing, falling, running, walking- non are.

Just momentum. All flow. All action. Static!

Happiness, sadness, anger, gladness- emotions.

Just actions. Just roles. All an action. Static!

Pain, numbness, crying- truths.

Just lies, more lies, covering you. All action’s doing. Static!

Can you see now? Can you tell? The pattern I laid out for you.

Speak child, speak!

Little girl, Static’s child, move me now, say a word

Come on child, Speak!

“Screaming, yelling, heart-breaking- aching

Just my actions. Just my role. Static that’s the code.”

the child said.

Dumbstruck,life stood still

Static was now the drill.

Mouth opens, child speaks,

We lay static

Now she speaks.

“Ever wondered how it feels? Or even see? Ever questioned? Or just quivered?

Ever looked? Or did you just stare? Ever came close, and saw me there? Crying through the smiles. Joyous in pain. Drained of everything yet rich in my state. Held your hand as I fell. Wept in silence while all yelled. Static’s child you call me, who else will have me? Non stayed and never came. Now I speak for you see me. Who am I to thee?”

Silence. Silence. Crept in the shadows.

In the questions

In the chaos

Static we all remained.

As the child resumed , play.



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