SCENE IX: Still Alice.

“Take a deep breath,

Lean forward, stretch your arms,

Give in,” she told herself.

Instead she smiled

Stretched her hand

Waved and walked away.

That was Alice, still and cold

Yet, she exuded warmth.

Sadly non stayed long enough

Enough for her to know

How it felt to be not alone.

Still and silent

Calm and compliant

Never rude

Never harsh

How she wanted to be rash

To be careless

To be free

To do the things

That couldn’t be;

To kiss, to hug,

To be lovers, to be friends


She felt nothing.

People strayed,

Walked away;

Dead or alive

Non seem to care

To see Alice there

Just  a figure

Just a person.

Alice was no one’s reason

Just still, yet, listening

To the voices,

Smiling, embracing

Always there, always still

Turbulently fighting

Silently screaming

She was dreaming

In it she was- “still” Alice.



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