Open your eyes,

Open your eyes,

See what waits for you

See them waiting for you;

Awake, awake,


Stand up, greet your audience


I didn’t see it.

I couldn’t believe it

I stood there listening

Watching in anticipation

An audience with the crowd

Hearing them say out loud


Light fell on him

The birds sang

Like hymns of joy

The crowd resounded

Tears fell, praises sung

They all watch dumbfounded

They all stood amazed

I stood amazed

I saw him “rise”.

I felt tears roll down

My cheeks burnt

My body trembled

I stood there shaking


Can it be?

Did I see it?

Did I see him rise?

How? I saw her die.

Saw her cold

Buried in deep

Never to wake from her sleep.

Tell me then, tell me,

How can it be?

Was she awake somewhere?

Did she “rise” somewhere?

Somewhere far from here

Just nowhere near

For me to witness

For me to see

As I watch now standing

As if in a dream

Like a phoenix rising

Lazarus, waking

Lazarus rising from his sleep.



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