Scenes in a Diner.

“Loving can hurt sometime” starts the song

She sits herself down

Coat in hand, purse dangling

She straightens herself;

“Uncomfortable chair, but it’ll do the job”, she thought.

She stares down at the menu

Watching the old man sitting across the booth

So calm, so lost, so old

Head in the papers, sipping his soup.

The young lovers’ across

Can’t keep their hands to themselves

She’s a red head

He’s so tanned

Yet, their they looked

As happy as they ‘can’;

“I’ll have the pie,please”

It looks good she thought.

As the waitress with aching soles

Walked up and down

Like a lost soul.

Sitting there, she glanced outside

Diner room warmth

Beats the chill outside.

Here she thought, staring

How easy to be among them

They know not her and she not them

Strangers sipping coffee

Eating pie

As they walked on by

Here she sat wondering

“Where did you and I wandered?”

Far off now.

In some diner there you sit

And here I;

I’ll eat my pie

While you walk on by

New streets, better streets

As here the wobbly path I go

I’ll play pretend

And stare at windows

Looking for reflections

Once she had known.

“So sip your coffee

As I have my pie”

While the song plays on

Life will pass on by

“And in this room its warm

I fear the cold outside.”



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