Scene XI: Confetti

Nelly has a story
Or she wishes it was
Of how the dead would dance
As we played on the song
Where eulogies were happy
And where tears were dried
The eyes beamed with laughter
And everyone breath happy sighs! 

What a tale it would be
Having everyone there;
Dressed to perfection
And everyone dared-
They dared to be happy,
Free from all pain
While they buried the casket
They buried their pains away;

What a lovely day!
A day where families didn’t bicker
Where lovers weren’t jilted
Friends weren’t strangers
And all the bad flew away
Like confetti they threw the dirt
Like confetti their pains flew
Away into the air
As they buried six feet deep
But they were flying high in the sky

“Don’t cry for me”, she said
Please rejoice when I am dead
I see death as my celebration
A long awaited day
Where I want happy smiles
Dried eyes,
And confetti thrown my way.

A little girl’s wish
For a happy day
Why mourn for what is gone
Instead celebrate the memories
That stay…. Throw confetti everyday.


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