“The horror, the horror!”

Was screaming in my head

As I stood for an hour;

Or more, God knows!

What a torture?

What a cue of slow disaster?

There they were

There I was

Like those rushing for the pearly gates

Waiting for freedom

There we all were.

The seconds flew, minutes,

“An hour?” How did time just pass?

As I slowly passed into the past

Counting the days in my head

Of  how yesterday; few hours ago

I was in bed. Rested.

Now, here I am

Sweaty, hungry, suffocated

Claustrophobia overload;

People everywhere, air got warmer

The walls seemed to close in

Slowly the scenes around me sunk in-

Lady next to me with a baby

Baby crying,

Mother talking,

Man on the left coughing

Fat lady sagging off her sari

Pushing others as if to flee;

Oh! How I want to flee.

I feel the life drained from me.

“Next”, said he.

Praise the Lord

Could this be?

Checking out never felt so good

To runaway from such a hell

Standing in line to nowhere;

Free and amused,

Now my horror becomes my muse

The Aisle of disaster

Being put to good use.



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