Scene XII: Sound in Silence

Listen, can you hear it?

There it is again, can you?

I feel it so close to me

I can feel my senses exploding

There’s this tingling sensation

This burst of emotion in me

What is happening?

Why now?

…. what was that?

Why am I crying?

Is it because I’m free?

All these questions popping

Yet, there was the answer

Simple. Short. Precise.

In letting go, I found release.

Now, all I could feel was the wind

On my cheek,

Leaves rustling,

Birds chirping,

Silence brought me sound.

How strange it was

This was it- Peace!

My soul uplifted

My body jolted

My senses expanded

I just felt free from me;

Free from this lethargic life

Free from my burdened soul

Free from the material world

Free from the woes that bogged me.

Now, all I had was peace

Far from perfect

But, better then plain.

In my last moment of suffocation

I breath air in me

I felt it expand in my lungs

I felt my mind lifted.

In the woes that tied me

I loosened my chains

Now, I am free;

All it took –

Was for me to breathe.


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