There she goes again,

Painting the skies with stars.

Up on her balloon

That looked like the moon

She begins her art;

Little nymph of the night

Tender steps you tread

Leaving us in silence

To walk among the dead.

Even they rejoice

Hearing your voice

I wonder how you sound

Mortally deaf ;

I wish I could resound

In the notes of your echo

In the magic that you weave

How the night glistens in your presence

How you bring my woes relief.

Luna, Luna, girl on the moon

Lucky am I to see you.

For while the world lies asleep

Here I am awake , dreaming,

Looking at the sky

Up in your big balloon

Ready to leave me soon;

Stay Luna, do not go

For while the day drives you away

Take me along with your starry glow;

That I may see the moon

And ride with you in your big balloon;

While we travel the world singing

“Goodnight moon”.



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