The Lion and the Lamb~

There she was, just lying there

“Easy prey”, he thought.

Soft limbs, tiny stance

He could rip her apart;

Tear each limb,

Bite to the bone

Succumb her to her knees

Nowhere to be free.

He glanced, peered in through the bush

Watched each move she made

Stared as she took each step;

Something in her gait,

So gentle, so weightless

She moved like she wasn’t on ground

Nowhere for her to run now.

“Then why am I spellbound?”

“Sorcery! What has she done to me?”

The lion roared.

She felt it so.

Horror seized her, there he was

A beast, majestic and terrifying

Yet, she felt nothing

Other then her body stiffed

Silent was her mouth

She did not scream or run

Instead she felt every inch of her out

For him to see, easily devoured.

“Then why can’t I turn around?”

The lion came

Fear loomed

A new emotion

For so grand a beast

While courage was in her

Who only knew to flee.


The lion came near

She stood close

He did nothing

She breath slow;

The air was calm

The earth firm

But there they stood

On shaky ground.

What was this?

They were spellbound

That told a story so rare

Where a lion fell for a lamb

And non but love was there.



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